IVD Point-of-Care Testing: What Is It And How Does It Work?


Point-of-care testing is an advanced level of medical diagnostics that focuses on patient-specific medication and other blood tests, often with minimal use of lab work. Find out more about the new technology – IVD POCT in this article!

What is In Vitro Diagnosis?

IVD (InVitroDiagnosis) refers to products and services that diagnose diseases or bodily functions outside the human body by obtaining clinical diagnosis information from human samples (blood, body fluids, and tissue fluids). And IVD POCT is a major subdivision of in vitro diagnostics.

What is Point-of-Care Testing?

Point-of-Care testing (POCT) is a method of diagnosing medical conditions that can be performed by healthcare professionals in the field, often without requiring a laboratory. POCT tests are typically quicker and less expensive than lab tests, and they may be used to screen for diseases or to check the results of other diagnostic tests.

Why are Point-of-care Tests Needed?

Point-of-care testing is important because it allows doctors and nurses to diagnose and treat patients more quickly and efficiently. It also allows them to provide better care to those who are most in need. Point-of-care tests are performed on a variety of different specimens, including blood, urine, saliva, and tissue samples.

How Does the Process Work?

Point-of-care testing is a process that allows physicians to quickly and easily test a patient’s blood, urine, or saliva for various disorders. The process typically begins with a doctor asking the patient if they would like to participate in a test. Depending on the test, the patient may need to provide a sample either directly from their body or through a collection device such as a swab. After the sample is collected, it is sent to a laboratory for analysis.


Point-of-care testing is a growing trend in the healthcare industry, and for good reason. By using tests that are sent directly to your doctor’s office or clinic, you can avoid long wait times and potentially life-threatening complications. If you need to know more professional information about IVD POCT, please don’t be hesitant to contact Wondfo.

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