At no cost Party Video Calling, Down load Skype Beta 5

The Skype team has just released a beta version of Skype for Windows 5. The new version introduces free video calling in an organization that supports around 5 people. Everybody in the group can see and hear each other. The video call feature is advertised as a free trial suggests that it becomes a payment feature in future versions of Skype, as when the final version is released in May Skype. It is in beta meaning there may well be more upgrading is possible. free team meeting

To make video calls to each participant in the group video call group needs to perform the beta of Skype 5. For calls in groups then you can begin utilising the Add button to invite people in conversation and then clicking Video Call button later. Skype call in groups need a fast Web connection and a “reasonably” PC. However, Group calls are billed as a new bonus features that developers can make their debut in 2010, which implies that you will have additional payment functions.

The set of release notes, other improvements and new features in Skype beta 5 is going to be possible. If any user find bugs or have any suggestion regarding its feature, then he can suggest to Skype. Interested users can download Skype Beta 5 for Windows on the state Skype website

Group video calling works with beta 5 and only supports Windows operating system. All people on the decision needs to have this version of Skype, because on other version it doesn’t work. For calls your PC needs to have 1GHz processor, at the least 256 MB of RAM and will need to have webcam with good pixel (for clear image).

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