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A Pen Test – Penetration Test – is carried out by what is known as a White Hat or Ethical Hacker. But who and what precisely defines an Ethical Hacker? For the part a White Hat or Ethical Hacker is just a computer expert who possesses the programming knowledge to recognise vulnerabilities within an operating-system and network. What separates then from the planet of the Black Hat Hacker is their intent….

An Ethical Hacker intends to secure a method by recognising vulnerabilities and providing the solution to reduce if not remove that vulnerability –  roblox hacks A Black Hat Hacker on the other hand has every intention of exploiting vulnerabilities for their very own mischievous ends. Nevertheless, White or Black they’re all effectively Hackers!

The Good Guys

More and more organisations are looking at professional IT Security experts to hold out Pen Testing on the systems and network: Thus ensuring risks are lowered and data remains as secure as possible. An Ethical Hacker may be the ‘good guy’: However, the methodology they use and knowledge they possess is employed to circumvent security and sometimes actually crash those systems – As may be the case with Black Box Testing. Nevertheless, it is Ethical because the best goal is to increase the security of those systems. Additionally, an Ethical Hacker is achieving this by request.

The Logic Of It All

The logic is when an Ethical Hacker can penetrate the device throughout a Penetration Test so can a Black Hat hacker: Takes one to know one – Which can leave you wondering how and why an IT Security expert might enter the planet of Penetration Testing…. To which, the clear answer is varied: You will find people who turned a brand new leaf (so to speak) and you will find those who have always worn the White Hat and are simply extremely good at their job – As in, they’ve the computer savvy to analyse systems and code; possess insight in terms of the ‘mind’ of the Hacker and also provide the information it takes to fix issues. In ways, not dissimilar to those detectives who posses the capacity to ‘understand’ the criminal mind although not the inclination to be one… To which, it just doesn’t follow that most Hackers have a ‘criminal mind’ ;.


Pen Testing invariably demands a talented IT Security professional who is creative and can think beyond your box. While more and more organisation utilise the net and os’s to cope with core business processes networking security concerns are on the rise: Particularly for those sectors coping with sensitive financial and personal data: Hence, the decision for Ethical Hackers and Penetration Testing is notable. Identifying vulnerabilities is vital for many and ongoing – As the Black Hats diversify systems need to be consistently assessed.

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