Business Success – Diversifying Your Advertising Strategies


Depending on the evolution stages of your company, advertising consultants may need to plan different types of campaigns. Using the same advertising strategy over and over again will prevent you from achieving the desired effects and will limit your company to the same percentage of customers.

Companies have often been associated with people, thus, the stages they undergo have been compared with the main ages of a person’s life: newborn baby, teenager, young adult, adult and senior citizen. Google Advertising Consultant  The ‘newborn baby’ and ‘teenager’ periods are probably the hardest as it is rather difficult to find a business idea and set it afoot. During the ‘young adult’ and ‘adult’ stages the company enjoys a period of expansion and stability, if properly managed. No matter how competent the management is, during the senior citizen period the company begins to fall into decline, therefore managers must find the best rebranding solution to avoid bankruptcy.

During the incipient period of the business the advertising campaign should focus on informing the clients about the products and services that the new company has to offer. Persuasive advertising is more appropriate for the teenager and young adult stages when managers try to expand the business and attract as many consumers as possible. Once the company has gained a good reputation, the advertisements will function as reminders of the products and services of the company.

Advertising campaigns may also differ in terms of the used means of communication. The choice of the channel you use to transmit your ad message depends on the public you address, so it is important that you first create a realistic profile of your client containing sociological characteristics as well as consumer behavior information.

A good campaign relies on both traditional channels, such as, TV, radio and newspaper advertisements and modern means of communication. The internet is the most used non-conventional channel nowadays due to its velocity and accessibility. In addition, online advertising enables copywriters to create innovative advertisements for their messages.

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